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This is just to let everyone know that I’ve run off to Blogger.  The new URL is http://yet-another-fashion-blog.blogspot.com/ so redirect your attention there, now!


On The Fly

I should be preparing for a presentation I’m slated to do this afternoon on the Vatican Laocoon, but I’m sneaking a tiny bit of time away from that to update here.  It’s finals time right now in addition to holiday party time, so everything in my life is CRAZY at the moment.  There’s been some great outfits, but no time to update the blog…

Sandra Dress by Pinup Couture

This was the outfit I wore a few weeks back when the boyfriend’s brother and sister-in-law were in town for Thanksgiving.  We took them out to Singlebarrel here in San Jose, and met up with some friends for cocktails.  The dress was one of those random finds… I had never seen it on Pinupgirlclothing.com until it went on sale and then the only size was MY size, so of course I had to get it.  I also had to chop off about 4″ at the hem, but hey… That’s life when you’re barely 5 feet tall.

Friday's outfit for dinner in the city

Skipping forward in time to last Friday, friends of ours from England had a surprise trip to San Francisco this past weekend, so we were doing a lot of driving back and forth between here and there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This outfit was what I wore to dinner on Friday night at Jeanne d’Arc.

  • Sweater – Anthropologie
  • Shirt – Pinup Girl Clothing
  • Jeans – Lucky Brand
  • Boots – Coach
  • Bag – Urban Outfitters, 2007/8
  • Arm warmers – Sock Dreams
  • Scarf – Garden of Enchantment, Sacramento

Yet another Anthro dress...

This is a new acquisition, although the photo dates from August.  I found it at Anthro back then, when it was a jaw dropping $60 for a tiny little knit dress (but it had pockets, and therefore was hard to pass up at the time).  Fast forward to this morning… Remember those pajama bottoms I was all in love with last week? Well, they went on sale at Anthro on Friday and I bought a pair only to discover that I didn’t really like how they fit (I had to buy a size up because that’s the only size they had close to what I wear), so I returned them this morning.  That’s when I discovered the Tyrie dress on the sale rack, for a grad student budget friendly price, so I nabbed it.  Yay for pockets!

I also nabbed a couple of sweaters which were $9.99 each.  How often does that happen at Anthro…? Like, never.  At least never when I’m there.

Anyway, now it’s time to go back to studying and presentation prep.  School is done after next week… Look forward to more coherent and timely posting after then.

I’m actually writing this on Monday night, using pictures I took on Sunday, and in truth, I have no idea what I’m going to wear tomorrow (that would be Tuesday, when you all will be reading this.  Hello there, people from the future!) but I’m going to try being more consistent with the posting and if that means writing stuff up a day ahead of time, so be it.  Tuesday is my all-day-at-school-day and it begins with a 9am class, which I believe I have mentioned previously as being the day that sees me making minimal sartorial effort.  In all likelihood, I’ll throw on a pair of jeans, some boots and a couple of layers consisting of a sweater over a long sleeved shirt, scarf and throw my hair back in a bun and call it good.

So, anyway, that’s why this post is about nail polish and jewelry.  Maybe I’ll make all my Tuesdays and Thursdays about accessories… Hmmm. That’s a thought!  Because it’s stuff like nail polish and jewelry that, honestly, make a boring outfit awesome.

To start, this is sort of a shameless plug for my friend Laurie who makes fabulous jewelry based on medieval and renaissance sources.  Her work is top notch and really affordable, and every time I see her at an event, I usually end up buying something from her.  She asked me to take photos of some of her pieces that I own, so I briefly abandoned my pajamas to put on a black dress and step out on the patio to try to get some good shots.  These are the three that turned out nice among the 125 that totally sucked…

Acanthus Leaf Designs

Heraldic Rose with garnet earrings and Seven Deadly Sins ring.


Closeup of Seven Deadly Sins ring and Heralid Rose pendant.

Quatrefoil pendant with pyramid cut citrine setting.

If you’re interested in browsing more of Laurie’s offerings, check out her website. She also does custom work, so contact her if you have a specific idea in mind and she might be able to make it real!

Now on to the nail polish… You can see it a bit in the second image above, but here are better pics below:

Basecoat: China Glaze "Jolly Holly"; Tips: ULTA "Into The Limelight"

I’m getting better at applying polish, particularly on my dominant hand (I’m a righty, so the nails on my right hand usually are crappier than those on my left).  Like the caption says, this is China Glaze “Jolly Holly” as the base color, which is a beautiful dark dark dark green.  I really like it, and I really like China Glaze in general, I’m learning. The application is nice and smooth.  Jolly Holly is part of CG’s Holiday 2010 line.  I wore Jolly Holly on its own for a day and liked it well enough, but I couldn’t resist messing around a bit when Trystan of CorpGoth fame came over on Sunday to hang out and drink wine and watch silly British comedies with me.  She expressed a desire to paint her nails, and my boyfriend offered to paint our friend Melissa’s nails while we all threw back wine and watched The Mighty Boosh.  So, I broke out my nail polish stash and we all got to work. I started playing around with ULTA’s “Into The Limelight”. You know the one I posted about a couple of weeks ago?  That I didn’t really like on its own? Yeah, turns out it makes a really neat accent to “Jolly Holly”.  I was somewhat inspired by Trystan’s blood dipped nail effect which she was sporting for Halloween, and which she in turn got from The Gothic Charm School’s tutorial on how to do a blood spattered manicure. I think I was just trying to make it look like dripping paint, but Trystan said the effect reminded her of icicles.

Another view of the nails...

Trystan opted for OPI’s “Got The Blues For Red”, which is a fabulous classic red:

OPI "Got The Blues For Red"

We finished the night by polishing off four bottles of wine and a bottle of champers while watching “Marie Antoinette”.  A fabulous finish to a fabulous weekend!

Pajama Day

I feel like the world’s least effective fashion blogger, because here I am, yet again, in my jimjams.  The annoying thing about being a grad student (other than the self-doubt, ennui and the crushing debt awaiting post-graduation) is that most days are spent in some form of lounge wear.  For instance, I am wearing my beloved ripped up and stained Old Navy pajama bottoms with my favorite shirt from Forever 21 while typing this.  Not exactly inspiring, but comfy.  Lord knows, I have a hard time concentrating while wearing restricting waistbands!

So, my crappy PJs have inspired me today to look for fun, cute, funky PJs that might make me feel a little less slovenly and a little more awesome while I while away the hours on the internet doing important research.  First up are the new flannel jammies from my beloved Pinup Girl Clothing:

$48 at PinupGirlClothing.com

What’s not to love?  The jammies come in other prints, but cowgirls and leopard print aren’t really my thing, but adorable retro soda pop print?  Totally on board!  I’m not generally a big fan of flannel jammies for the sole reason that they tend to feel too stiff for me to be really comfy in them, but I’d be willing to give these a try.  At almost $50 for the set, however, I’d probably wait until they went on sale, or I had a 25% code and some $$ burning a hole in my pocket before buying them.  However, they’re totally adorable and I could definitely see myself wearing them.

So, cruising on over to my other weakness, Anthropologie, I see they’ve added some new knit loungers to their collection:

Kundalini Loungers, $58 at Anthropologie.com

At $58 for just the bottoms, however, they’re kind of making PUG’s Soda Pop set look reasonably priced.  I’ve put these on my Christmas wishlist, just in case anyone reading this wants to splurge on them for me, but without a serious discount, I think I can live without purchasing them for myself.  However, they sure are fabulous!  I love the intense graphical print against the neutral navy/black background.  I’d probably try to find ways to incorporate them into my what-I-wear-outside-the-house wardrobe (especially at that price).  Ok, they may always look like pajama bottoms, but they sure are FABULOUS pajama bottoms! One thing I do worry about, however, is the other ridiculous expensive knit PJ bottoms I bought from Anthro over the summer developed serious pilling issues after a few wearings… This pair isn’t modal, however, so it may wear a little better (it claims to be cotton… Though most knits are usually cotton/man made fiber so I’m skeptical that they’re 100%).

Sand Maiden Sleepwear, Summer 2010 printed cotton knit - $120

Oy… I just love this set!  I swear that I didn’t intend to set out to find the most expensive pajamas on the market, but I decided to cruise over the Etsy and see what was available through the handmade market and came across this made to measure set, for $120 by Sand Maiden Sleepwear in Seattle.  I’m totally not going to complain about the price of this set, because even though it’s way out of my price range, I sew and I know how expensive custom work can be.  So, while I can’t particularly afford it, rock on… This is a beautiful set and I will admire it from the interwebs.

    I’m taking a brief break in the mad scramble to get everything in order before the boyfriend’s family descends upon us for Thanksgiving (which is happening early on Wednesday, and then I have to drive to Sacramento to make it to my family’s T-day stuff on Thursday).  Francis and I ran errands today and I was feeling a little whimsical, so I pulled together this outfit.  I usually vacillate between pinup, goth and bohemian in my clothing, and this is probably the best example of the latter.

    • Tank Top – Gap
    • Dress – Modcloth
    • Sweater – Urban Outfitters
    • Boots – Coach
    • Bag – Urban Outfitters

    Yes, my wardrobe is a little schizophrenic. :P

    Random posting

    Boyfriend is off at an SCA event today, and I’m holed up inside, working off a migraine and brainstorming my next move on my epic costume commissions.  I had a great fitting last night, and a great dinner at our favorite little Italian restaurant.  The brain is on hyperdrive with creative urges, but the body is still dragging. So, here’s a couple of pics of an old daily outfit of mine, from sometime over the summer.  iPhoto says it was taken on 6/08/2010… Excuse the crappy iPhone quality of the photo.

    • Sweater – Anthropologie
    • Tank top – Gap
    • Jeans – Lucky Brand
    • Necklace – Thrifted
    • Earrings – Target
    • Shoes – Aldo

    I like this outfit… I’ll have to reincorporate it into the outfit rotation, especially since it is finally starting to get chilly in these parts.

    In other news, I want to be friends with this guy.  And maybe he’d give me a post-it drawing because he liked me.

    And now, back to your regularly scheduled nothing-in-particular…


    Friday comfort


    I’ve been working all day on a pair of costumes for some friends, and only just now dragged myself into the shower and got dressed because they’re coming over for dinner and a fitting in a few hours.  Today was one of those days where I just hated how I was looking in jeans and t-shirts, yet I wanted to be comfortable, so I pulled out one of my knit dresses, and my cable knit tights.  Nothing says “comfort” like cable knit tights! The overall effect is dressy, but still casual and definitely comfortable.

    • Dress – Target
    • Shirt – Gap
    • Belt – Forever 21
    • Tights – Hue
    • Boots – Some cheapy ones I got from DSW a while back…
    • Earrings – Target

    Now I just want to curl up and go to sleep!  Sewing is exhausting!